Russia Fossil Tracker – Corrigendum

In our previous counter version, we had overestimated pipeline gas imports from Russia. As a result, we have revised down our estimate of the value of fossil fuel imports into the EU in the first two months of the invasion from EUR 44 billion to 39 billion, and the total value of Russia’s exports over this period from EUR 63 billion to 58 billion. The share of the EU in Russia’s exports fell from 71% to 68%.

Our online counter is updated to reflect these changes.

We have released an updated version of the briefing that reflects the corrections, and our new methodology to allocate pipeline gas imports.

We are deeply sorry for the mistake. We take the accuracy of our data very seriously and are taking steps to ensure that similar mistakes won’t happen again.

As soon as we became aware of the error, we took our real-time counter offline to implement the corrections.

New methodology

While fixing this error, we also implemented a new methodology to attribute Russian pipelined gas to individual European countries more accurately. Read more about the new methodology here.