Data Products

At CREA, we are regularly building new tools to contribute to our own analyses or support partners’ work. The tools below are all free for you to use and share. For more information, or for any additional request, please contact us at

EU CO2 emission tracker 

The CREA CO2 Tracker is an online tool estimating CO2 emissions from fossil fuels within the EU27 region with only a week of latency. With the fossil fuel supply crunch caused by Russia’s decision to[…]

Russia fossil tracker

Estimating in near real-time the amount of money spent by countries on Russian fossil fuels since the war in Ukraine started.

Russia sanction tracker

Tracking the dynamics of the sanctions on Russian fossil fuels.

Russia gas flaring

Track gas flaring intensity along Russian gas fields and infrastructure.

Biomass burning

Estimating the daily impact of biomass burning on air quality using air trajectory modeling and machine learning.

Power generation

Access daily-updated power generation data for European countries, China, India, US and more.

NO2 | Before vs. After

Compare tropospheric NO2 columns between two periods using Sentinel 5P.

Air quality data portal

Access air pollution data from many governmental sources, and identify days for which air quality breaches regulations.

Health impacts

Explore the health impacts of air pollution in each country and visualise the potential effects of meeting various guidelines.

Emission inventories

Emission for inventory by country, pollutant, fuel and sector, based on the Community Emissions Data System (CEDS)

Air quality standards

Visualise country’s national ambient air quality standards compared with WHO guidelines.

China tracker

See priority regions are on track to meet their air quality targets for the autumn-winter action plan.

    Partner with us

    We are keen to find partners who can use our data to advocate for actions that would reduce fossil fuel imports from Russia, and promote clean energy solutions to replace these imports. Please contact us if you are interested in collaboration.