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Nandikesh Sivalingam, Director

Nandikesh has over 10 years experience working for non-profits on diverse issues pertaining to environment, forests, climate change and rights. Nandikesh has many years of experience working on coal and power related issues in India and has expertise in trends, policies and politics around energy sector in India. Under his guidance he enabled Greenpeace India’s victory on National Clean Air Plan, as well as pushing through the deadline on implementation of emission standards for thermal power sector. 

Lauri Myllyvirta, Lead Analyst

Lauri has over 10 years experience as an air pollution and climate expert. He has led numerous research projects on air pollution, assessing air quality and health impacts of energy policies, including more than a dozen modeling studies of the air quality and health impacts of coal-fired power plants. This research has been published and utilized in numerous countries in East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe, Turkey, South Africa and others. Lauri has also contributed to numerous publications around energy solutions and air pollution and is asked frequently to attend seminars and conferences as an expert speaker. He served as a member of the Technical Working Group on regulating emissions from large combustion plants in the EU and currently serves as a member of the expert panel on regulating SO2 emissions in South Africa.

Sunil Dahiya, Analyst

Sunil has over 10 years of experience as a strategist and research analyst on environmental issues. He led the energy and air pollution campaigns at Greenpeace India which resulted in the development of larger civil society momentum and clean air collective (with other groups working on air pollution issues in India), ultimately making sure that India has its first-ever National Clean Air Programme (NCAP). Sunil has also been the leading expert and voice on implementation of emission standards for coal-based power plants in India. His expertise is research, policy support and coalition development on the issues of the energy transition, climate change, air pollution and community rights etc. He has also authored multiple reports and international research papers on air pollution and energy issues.

Isabella Suarez, Analyst

Isabella brings her strategic development and research experience in climate change and energy security to CREA’s work in Southeast Asia. She previously served as the Strategic Engagement Coordinator for the Global Commission on Adaptation at the World Resources Institute, where she was a contributing author on the foremost report on climate adaptation. Her research covers policy and coalition-building for intersectional and inclusive climate action, including issues such as gender, infrastructure resilience and locally-led action. She also worked as a researcher and consultant at organizations such as the Advanced Energy Group, UN Women, and the UN Counter-terrorism Executive Directorate. 

Erika Uusivuori, Analyst

Erika recently received her master’s degree, graduating in the program of environmental and resource economics at the University of Helsinki. She was granted the maximum grade for her thesis, which dealt with reducing the load and impacts of microplastics in waters when using ecological nets. For her bachelor’s degree, she majored in agricultural economics. She has experience working in the USA for a crop consulting company where she evaluated crop health and conditions for the benefit of farmers. 

Tarja Torsti, Operations Officer

Tarja is responsible for the administration of human resources, finances and other infrastructural processes. Prior to joining CREA, she worked for the European Climate Foundation where she gained experience in grants management and finance. She has over 20 years of experience in the fields of operation, finances and administration in both business and non-profit sectors.

Hubert Thieriot, Data Lead

As our data lead, Hubert is responsible for designing and implementing CREA’s data strategy while quenching analysts’ ever-growing thirst for data. Prior to joining CREA, Hubert co-founded two start-ups at the junction of data and environment, namely GeoXpert and the Environmental Risk Profiler, an online platform to assess climate change related risks. He also worked in environmental think-tanks and NGOs in Beijing and Hong Kong and conducted research on energy efficiency in various European academic institutions. He holds degrees in mechanical engineering, philosophy and public policy.

Xinyi Shen, Researcher

Xinyi is doing research and analysis on energy transition and air pollution issues at CREA, focusing primarily on China. Before joining the team, she was the Global Campaigner at the Climate and Energy team of Greenpeace East Asia. There, Xinyi led the global push against air pollution and played a key role in the China low carbon transition project. She has been involved in projects addressing the overcapacity of the coal-fired power industry and steel industry in China, and several other regional and global air pollution projects. Xinyi took a 6-week fellowship with the German energy transition think-tank Agora Energiewende, where she learned in-depth the challenges and requirements of a successful energy transition.

Xing Zhang, Senior Analyst

Before joining CREA, Xing worked for IEA Clean Coal Centre for almost 22 years with experience in a wide range of technical and policy report writing, and coal-fired power plants database and coal information database management. Xing was also a lead international events organiser with successful conferences/workshops in Europe and Asia. Furthermore, Xing has participated in various international cooperation projects, including PM2.5 emission control from coal-fired power plants in China and cofiring biomass with coal in China. Before moving to the UK, Xing was educated in China and worked for the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Xing worked at Imperial College London before joining IEA.

Danny Hartono, Data Scientist

Danny received his Master’s degree in Information Technology (Spatial), complementing his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. He has experience in research on the ecological impact of air pollution. He also worked as a research assistant on urban planning and environmental science research projects and as a GIS technician for a local government in Australia. As a data scientist at CREA, he is responsible for supporting the analysts with their data collection and analysis needs and the development of current projects, among others.