Reach CREA staff via

Lauri Myllyvirta, Lead Analyst

Meri Pukarinen, Research Programs Manager


Chengcheng Qiu, China Analyst

Xinyi Shen, Researcher

Qi Qin, China Analyst


Isaac Levi, Europe-Russia Policy & Energy Analysis Team Lead

Petras Katinas, Energy Analyst

Vaibhav Raghunandan, EU Russia Analyst & Research Writer

South Asia

Sunil Dahiya, Analyst

Manoj Kumar N., Researcher

Southeast Asia

Katherine Hasan, Analyst

Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

The CREA Health Impact Assessment (HIA) team analyses the health impacts of burning fossil fuels across the globe. Please address queries and requests to

Jamie Kelly, Air Quality Analyst

Erika Uusivuori, Analyst

Vera Tattari, Research Assistant


Hubert Thieriot, Data Lead

Oscar Druiventak, Software Engineer

Rose Gierens, Data Scientist

Danny Hartono, Data Scientist

Panda Rushwood, Data Scientist


Hannah Ekberg, Communications Specialist


Tarja Torsti, Operations Officer