Tracking EU CO2: Emissions and coal use are now falling, after a 16-month rebound

EU CO₂ emissions from the energy sector have fallen year-on-year in July to October, after climbing for 16 months straight, based on CREA analysis for Carbon Brief. This ends the rebound in emissions from COVID-19 lows that started in the summer of 2020. From February 2021 until June 2022, emissions increased year-on-year every month, as energy demand recovered. In the power sector, CO₂ emissions increased because of the underperformance of nuclear and hydropower plants, together with increased electricity demand for cooling during this summer’s heat waves. These factors led to increased demand for power generation from fossil fuels to cover the shortfall.

Lauri Myllyvirta, Lead Analyst; Meri Pukarinen, Europe-Russia Policy Officer; Lyder Ulvan, Research Assistant; Hubert Thieriot, Data Lead; Andrei Ilas, Guest Writer; Stefanos Papaiordanidis, Geospatial Data Scientist.