Health Impacts of Germany’s Proposed Coal Power Plant Emissions Limits

Emissions from German coal-fired power plants are set to be responsible for a projected 26,000 attributable deaths between 2022 and 2038. The social costs related to the associated healthcare, reduced economic productivity and welfare losses amount to an estimated present value of €73 billion.

Requiring power plants that are allowed to operate beyond 2030 to apply best available air pollutant emissions control technology would reduce the number of air pollution-related attributable deaths by 65%, to 9,200 and costs to €21 billion. Bringing forward the coal phase-out to 2030, in line with the necessary carbon cuts for developed countries to uphold the Paris Agreement, would further halve the health impacts.

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Lauri Myllyvirta, Lead Analyst; Rosa Gierens, Researcher

Partners: ClientEarth

Europe, Germany