Air Quality and Health Impacts of the Proposed EMBA Hunutlu Coal Power Project

The EMBA Hunutlu project is a planned 2 x 660 MW coal power plant in the district of Adana, Turkey. This power plant project is situated in the Iskenderun Bay region, which is a major coal power plant hub. The emissions from the EMBA Hunutlu project would increase exposure to air pollutants in the entire Iskenderun Bay area, putting an estimated 100,000 people at risk of high air pollution concentrations, combined with the other operating coal-fired power plants. 

The EMBA Hunutlu plant would add a projected 2,000 cumulative deaths, and it would also increase the mercury deposition into surrounding farmlands and waters. This would put people consuming food produced in the region at a risk of ingesting dangerous levels of mercury.

Lauri Myllyvirta, Lead Analyst