Weekly snapshot ‑ Russian fossil fuels 5 to 11 June 2023

In the past week, Russia exported an estimated EUR 3.13 bn worth of fossil fuels: EUR 1.72 bn oil, EUR 0.7 bn oil products and chemicals, EUR 0.41 bn gas and EUR 0.29 bn coal.

EUR 1.47 bn was loaded on European / G7 owned or insured tankers, helping finance Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The top five importers were China, India, EU, Turkey and South Korea.

The weekly update of Russian fossil fuel exports was prepared by Isaac Levi, Energy Analyst, CREA; and Hubert Thieriot, Lead Data Scientist, CREA.
Note on methodology:
From 2023‑04‑03, our weekly snapshot values are no longer seasonally corrected, which may lead to some disparities between the preceding and following reports. We have also adjusted our time frame to show totals since the start of 2023 rather than the start of the invasion.
Dates featured are the date the arrival of the shipment was captured by our algorithm. 80% of arrivals for shipments are found within 4 days of the arrival portcall in the specific port. For our oil products and chemicals commodity group, please note this contains a wider range of items than just those specified in the current sanctions, as of 2022‑02‑05. More information at: