Air quality, toxic and health impacts of the Turow power plant

The report “Air quality, toxic and health impacts of the Turow power plant” analyzes the air pollutant emissions of the Turow power plant and the lignite mine.

Quantifying the Economic Costs of Air Pollution from Fossil Fuels

This paper is the first to assess the global economic burden caused by air pollution from fossil fuels. It incorporates many recent first-of-a-kind findings, including the first study to assess the contribution of fossil fuels to global air pollution levels and health impacts, as well as novel research on the burden of asthma and diabetes linked to air pollution.

Air Pollution in China 2019

CREA analysis of China’s air pollution trends, progress and setbacks in 2019. We found the Beijing and Shanghai regions have seen big improvements in air quality this winter as air pollution levels dropped ahead of targets.